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Fulbright scholarships to the United States

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International Winter University Programme at Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany

International WinterUniversity Programme at Hochschule Darmstadt.  This English taught winter course will take place from December 29, 2017 – January 19, 2018. Students can choose between two modules:

·         Engineering Module: Mechanical Engineering in Modern Power Plants: This module will provide a survey about modern thermal power generation and the topics and limitations of mechanical engineering herein. According to this, students will be introduced into the major components of steam plants, gas turbine plants and combined cycle arrangements. Thermodynamic influences are shown as well as the importance of materials development and limitation by production facilities and reliability demands. The course is completed by lectures about materials and failure analysis, vibrations, production and modern technologies of carbon mitigation.

·         Marketing module: International Marketing andSales: This module deals with the growing importance of Marketing Management for the success of a product and the company. Students will learn how to manage complex international marketing concepts.  Different requirements of BtoB and BtoC customer segments, various industries as well as of selling services or products are considered in this module study. By the end of the course, students should be able to conceptualize an international marketing concept and an international sales strategy.

The academic courses, which are taught by professors (and other experts) from the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Mechanical and Plastics Engineering, are complemented by field trips to companies and modern power plants, enabling students to apply their knowledge at first hand.

One highlight of the program will be the trip to Munich over New Year’s. This will give all participants the chance to get to know German culture and celebrate New Year’s Eve together.  

Our agenda also includes a German-as-a-foreign-language-course and a variety of leisure activities prepared for all participants outside of the classroom. Students can earn up to 6 ECTS credits for this 3 week intensive-program.

Participants: The program is aimed at motivated undergraduate and graduate students and young professionals from all over the world with a background in business administration, management studies, marketing, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, materials engineering, or related disciplines. International as well as German students will attend the International Winter University Program and give your students a unique global experience.

Program fee: For students from our partner universities, we can possibly offer tuition waivers. This means that students have to pay only a reduced programme fee - including 3-weeks tuition, field trips and excursions, accommodation in shared twin rooms in a hotel, health, accident and liability insurance, and social activities. 

Swiss Government Scholarships for post doc research and fine art studies in Swizerland in 2018-2019

Sveitsin hallituksen apurahat post doc –tutkimukseen ja taidealan opintoihin Sveitsissä lukuvuonna 2018-2019.

Lisätiedot ja hakudokumentit liitteessä sekä oheisten linkkien takana: and (tailor made information for Finnish applicants).

Huomaattehan kuitenkin Sveitsin suurlähetystön ohjeen, jonka mukaan hakulomakkeita ei pitäisi ladata verkosta, vaan käyttää oheista liitetiedostoa tai tilata erikseen Sveitsin suurlähetystöstä.

Hakuaika päättyy 31.10.2017. Hakemukset palautetaan Sveitsin suurlähetystöön, josta saa tarvittaessa myös lisätietoja (yhteystiedot alla).

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists are offered to Finnish students in a program based on a pool system. The Swiss Pool for Western European countries and countries from the European Union comprises Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and Slovenia. In the framework of this pool a total of 20-30 scholarships will be granted for the academic year 2018/2019.

For Finnish students postdoctoral scholarships are offered. In addition, Finnish candidates can apply for a scholarship for advanced arts students. The art scholarships are offered in a program
based on a pool system. In the framework of this pool a total of 15-25 arts scholarships will be granted. In the framework of the arts scholarship pool also scholarship for Master’s studies are offered.

Please note that it is necessary that the applicants fill out the application forms electronically, then print the forms, attach the photographs and sign them. No handwritten forms will be accepted.

The applications (NB: this year only 2 sets!) should be returned directly to the Embassy

Embassy of Switzerland
Kalliolinnantie 16 A 2 a
00140 Helsinki

by 31 October 2017.

The contact details of the Embassy (Tel. +358 9 622 9500, e-mail: ) can be given as contact point for the applicants.

On the homepage of the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI the students can find lots of information regarding the scholarships:  and  -> Country specific information for Finnish students
(Please publish these links on your webpage too.)

It’s important that the candidates read carefully the contents of the webpage, as all application requirements must be fulfilled.
Incomplete or badly prepared applications cannot be taken into consideration.

Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

The Ambassador of Switzerland

Päivi Laihinen
Trade and Cultural Officer

Embassy of Switzerland
Kalliolinnantie 16 A 2 a, 00140 Helsinki
Tel.      : +358 9 622 95 00
Fax      : +358 9 622 95 050